Pù Bin has more than 1,800 people with about 500 – 600 households but notone family uses a toilet in their daily life. Poor sanitation and contaminated water by limestones are the leading causes of diseases in the villages. After many inspection trips by the Diep To Foundation, we realized the importance of building toilets in this area. With the aim of developing community–based tourism, Diep To Foundation has helped build secondary structures for three households in Nang and Na Phat village. These are the homes chosen to welcome the first tourists to Pu Bin. We have added a water filter system with Nano technology to ensure the water is purified yet maintains all the good minerals for the health of local people and our guests. We are the ONE and the ONLY ONE that helps to build toilets, bathrooms and fresh drinking water for the people of Pu Bin.

Before, local people did not have WC

Before (2)

After toilets were built by Diep To Foundation:

After (1)


We understand that once these toilets are built, the living condition of Pù Bin people will be improved gradually and that their environment will be protected. Through this project, we also desire to promote a better, eco-friendly lifestyle and raise their awareness about the environment. In fact, building toilets is the easiest part, getting people to use them is the real challenge. They have outdated habits and neededucation and time to bring about changes. We have to teach them how to tidyup the bathrooms and toilets to keep itclean. Fortunately, after nearly a year, the hosts of the homes have become more aware of hygiene in their daily life. We are so proud to help them change their habits to improve their lives.
This last spring, people of the Thai Ethnic group in Pu Bin, Hoa Binh province are happy.For the very first time, they have their own toilets and water tanks. Thanks to you, the team at Flavours of Vietnam and the Diep To Foundation. Special thanks to Ms. Bich Ngoc who has been working hard all year around with the builders Mr. Canh, Linh, Hai, Trieu and the porters who worked hard to carry the heavy bricks and building material up the hills.
“I will try my best to help improve life of women and children at risk in the area. Another important thing is to protect the environment here. It is rare these days to find a region that does not use the chemicals and machines for their crops. I hope as each spring comes, there will be more and more toilets, water tanks, more schools etc to be built for the poor people in these more remote areas.” Ms. Diep To – Founder of Diep To Foundation