In Pu Bin, people lives totally depend on farming works. Pu Bin is located at the end of mountain range, therefore, not like other areas in Viet Nam, they hardly grow rice. Their main crop plant is corn, besides they also grow garlic, sweet potato and some other kinds of plant. The weather is really cold in Pu Bin in winter, therefore, local residents don’t go out to do farming works. They just sit around their wood fire kitchen and wait for the coming spring. Due to these above reasons, people in there do not make enough money for their living.

Traning center (1)
With the aim of helping Pu Bin people to raise their living standard, we want to provide local villagers with some career training courses. Then, we decided to built up a new house on stilts which will be our small vocational school in Pu Bin. After more than ten days, we finally finished building new house! Our training center is now located in the hill behind Perilla House with nearly 90 square meters in area.

Traning center (2)
In the future, we plan to hold some class like cooking, massaging, and especially making spice products which meet the standard to export. With Diep To Chef’s brand name, we desire to penetrate potential markets like the United State and Canada.