Living standard in Viet Nam has been rising, but in some areas of Viet Nam, people have not benefited. Conditions are still below poverty levels and work is very hard. Many parents leave their home and move to bigger cities in the hope of getting better lives for their children. City life for rural parents, especially the mothers who leave can be very different from what they expect.
Seeing their unfortunate situation, I feel great sympathy for them. I don’t want children to feel compelled by economic necessity to abandon their homes. I want parents, especially mothers to be able to stay in their villages, to make a good living, care for their children and their own parents and preserve their traditional way of life.  Middle aged mothers should be able to stay with their children, instead of having to leave them behind in search of work in the big city, where they are subject to exploitation and abuse.
This is my dream!
To make my dream come true, Diep To Foundation was established. Over the years, we have tried to help many people in mountainous area of our country. Even more significantly, we have succeeded in improving the lives of dozens of poor women living in the remote areas of Viet Nam, providing them with sorely needed support to raise their children. It is exciting to see Diep To Foundation’s story being written, day by day,and full of laughter and happiness in every place we have gone.
Thank you for your interest in Diep To Foundation. I hope that you can share a hand with us to help more and more unfortunate women and children throughout Viet Nam.