Pù Bin project has welcomed its first tourists to visit. As was our hope and expectation, our project has had positive feedback. Through local encounters, the tourists feel a love deep in their hearts for the residents of Pu Bin. Meaningful gifts were given to the disadvantaged children in Pù Bin and how gratefulit was to see the sparkle in their eyes from the joyfulness and happiness. From these simply things, Diep To Foundation has found more motivation for creating additional connections to strengthen this community.

Friendship village

In our next phase, we want to establish 5 cultural friendship villages featuring Vietnam/Canada, Vietnam/USA, Vietnam/Australia, Vietnam/Japan and Vietnam/EU. This stems from the desire of creating a link between Pù Bin ethnic communities and other communities in the world. This is not only to highlight Pu Bin as a community attraction, but also the chance to get the experiences on an economic, cultural and for local community development from more developed countries. The goal is bring a new vitality and sustainability for Pù Bin. With the consent of the local government, Vietnam/Canada and Vietnam/USA would be the first two friendship villages established in Na Phat and Nang village. Presently, the Farmstay model has only operated in these two villages to welcome foreign visitors in the activities of Pù Bin farmers. In this way, visitors can learn about the local culture and raise awareness of environment protection. Also, through each trip organized for guests, we found that the activities of tourists have had a positive impact on the behaviors of people here. It is thanks to the cultural exchanges that have helped Pù Bin people lives more civilized. They are gradually changing their behaviors by caring more about protecting the environment, personal and community hygiene, education and preservation of indigenous culture rather than chasing the hustle trends of commercialization. When the Friendship Cultural villages are established, we look forward to being successful in applying the successful models of developed communities. Along with the development of the project by establishing 5 friendship villages, we are very honored to invite Pilot Nguyen Hong My –the first pilot to shoot down the combat aircraft of US Air Force as our goodwill ambassador of Vietnam/USA cultural friendship village. Hong My was shortly after this event, himself shot down. The three piolets involved are now good friends and reunite every couple of years.

To prepare for the establishment of Vietnam/USA Friendship Village, Monday 23th November, Ms. Diep – leader of Diep To Foundation and Bridge to Learning had an official meeting with Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer, Ms. Carolle Simon, to present the implementation of the project plan and expect to receive the endorsement and support from the US Embassy. “Thanks to all of you very much for welcoming us to your office at US Embassy. We really appreciate your sharing with us, what is possible that can be done to connect us with your particular departments that have the same ideals. We hope that the contact will be maintained for more connections in the near future” – Message from Amie – project manager of Diep To Foundation.