Our Mission

To be a woman to woman organization focused on improving the living standards of rural women and children. The Foundation does this through education of the children and training of women in skills transferable within and outside village life. Besides building schools and supporting education and adult training in the rural community, a goal of The Foundation is to build rural healthcare centers at the local level with a core mission of serving the often neglected middle aged and older women. We strive to change the living condition of poor people by giving them the vocational skills and development opportunities through training courses or supporting them to build a better infrastructure for a healthy life – free of pollution and disease.

To be a Peace & Healing Retreat Center for Veterans of the Vietnam/American war. The Foundation’s goal is to assist in the healing of past trauma, war experiences and emotion scars. There is the opportunity for dialog, exchange and interaction with local people, Vietnamese Veterans with Veterans from outside Vietnam. This includes the countries of United States, Canada, Australia and more.

The connection between Vietnam/America War and The Diep To Foundation runs deep. Ms. Diep To’s father, was one of the negotiators of the 1975 Paris Peace Accords between Vietnam and the United States.

Our Vision
As a NGO that provides positive change to the lives of poor people, especially under-employed or abused women and disadvantaged children in remote areas throughout Vietnam, our vision is to be the successful “women for women” organization where the women shine by their diligence, intelligence and bravery in their own village. Once they master their own lives, they will be able to raise their children and take care of their family for a better future.