With the donation estimate of US$ 23,000, within two months, there will be two charity groups from Casira heading for Pu Bin to help build toilets for Pu Bin primary school. After the first success of the project in 2016, Casira and Diep To Foundation will continue to build four more toilets for the main school, where nearly 200 students are enrolling. With personal budgets mobilized by the boards of director of Diep To Foundation and of Casira group, the project has special meaning for the younger generation of Pu Bin, as from now on, they will have the support works and water resources to ensure their health and future development.

The time frame of the project will be from 12/2016 to 3/2017. There will be 9-10 volunteers from each group coming to Pu Bin, who have great passion and love for social and humanity work, and also for the country and people of Vietnam.


We are extremely grateful for the contributions of humanitarian organizations supporting Diep To Foundation to complete the goals, which is to gear women and children in the most remote areas. They need more than ever the concern and the support from external resources of reducing poverty and developing socially and economically.

Please contact us by phone 097 560 2027 or by email projects@flavoursofvietnam.com or info@dieptofoundation.org to address if you want to be part of this project.

Download the Blueprint here.

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