In many provinces in Viet Nam, life is really hard with little economic opportunity, especially for women and children. For example, most children have to walk to attend school, some of them more than one or two kilometers. Few have shoes, only flip flops. In cold or rainy weather many do not come to school because of the distance and their clothing. A big problem for them but a problem few in the western countries even consider. Feeling great sympathy for them, Diep To Foundation strives to give poor children chance to go to school and empower women to achieve their full economic potential. Our plan includes building schools in the villages for the children and giving vocational lessons to women to help them to earn a living wage. We want to give them “the tools” to equip them with all the necessary skills to assist them find better jobs and raise their living standard.

While starting with Pu Bin, in the future, we will spread our project to many other areas within Viet Nam. Diep To Foundation cannot do this without your help. Your donations and shared commitment will provide a critical link in the financial needs of our non-profit foundation and directly support our programs locally and nationwide within Vietnam.
The most rewarding part of our project is the successful improvement in the lives of hundreds of women living in poverty in remote areas of Vietnam. Our project does more than just build infrastructure. We believe in teaching the women to succeed by using the resources available to them to build a decent living for themselves and their families. With our help, they can learn to sustain themselves independently and will continue to grow and prosper as a community. We do not believe that a woman should feel compelled to abandon her home and go to work in the big city to provide for her family. We want to provide all the tools they will need to be able to flourish in their own villages and develop a strong foundation to earn a respectable living. In doing so, these mountainous communities can preserve their respective cultures and the women don’t have to leave their homes and their children to find work in the cities. In order to fulfill this vision Diep To Foundation was created. We have adopted the mountainous area of Pu Bin, located in  Mai Chau, Hoa Binh Province to help improve the life of the villagers in this region. Diep To Foundation will provide them with skills, tools and products/markets to allow them to grow organic herbs that will be used to make artisanal spices of the highest quality. We have implemented a project to protect the watershed in the community and will sell the spices and herbs grown in the villages. With the resulting revenue, we will raise the living standards of the women and children here and work to help protect their local environment. To further create sustainability in the villages, we also aim to develop and promote community-based tourism. Essentially, the primary goal is to create villages with local people knowledgeable in sustainable agriculture and tourism. In order to prevent the villages from becoming a mass commercial tourist area, the number of tourists brought to the area will be limited to those who are aware of their social and cultural impact and are keen to learn about the local culture and cuisine. We want to create a place of health and relaxation by exposing tourists to an unspoiled corner of the world.
The Village of Pu Bin is the perfect peaceful and quite  for Veterans from all countries to return and experience the real Vietnam in a way that allows them to process in a place many returning American Veteran’s say is the place they feel the most at peace with themselves. Please consider that thought for a moment for those of you who have not made the journey back.

The generous support of partners like you enables Diep To Foundation to bring happiness for many people! After all, your life will become more meaningful when you can share a hand and bring sunshine into the lives of  people less fortunate than yourself.

Please join with us in giving the rural children and women of Vietnam a better life!

On behalf of Pu Bin
Diep To