The first time Ms.Diep visited Pu Bin, there was no family that had a standard toilet. With a desire to help local residents have a better life, Diep To Foundation really wanted to build a bathroom for each family. After many conversations the Fondation had with the local leaders over years, one concern emerged very clearly: the need for a school before building toilets for any household. In Vietnamese culture, community benefit comes first. So we decided to build a primary school in Na Lut Village next to the old ones. Ms.Bich Ngoc, co-founder of Diep To Foundation, was in charge of the architectural designs for the new building. All construction work has been completed in April 2015. Pu Bin children now have a beautiful school where they join in learning interesting lessons everyday.

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The school, however, still lacks a toilet/bathroom. The Diep To Foundation has been seeking help to build one. We are so grateful to wonderful group from Canada who are willing to give us a helping hand – CASIRA* group.

In collaboration with Diep To Foundation, a group of eleven retired people from Canada has planned a stay at Pu Bin in March 2016. They will spend three weeks helping to build toilet facilities for the school. To better prepare for the volunteer trip to Pu Bin, the group had a meeting with Ms.Diep To in Quebec last August. Thanks to the wonderful hospitality of Mr.Clement Richard and Mrs.Jeane Courrivau, the group met in a small but comfortable meeting room in their home. Ms.Diep introduced to them to projects Diep To Foundation has completed but also what the Foundation will do in future. She also gave an overview of Pu Bin –a poor area situated at the end of a mountain range in Hoa Binh Province. After the meeting, the group was ready to help by going to Viet Nam.

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Thank you so much, CASIRA group! Pu Bin can not wait to welcome you all!

*CASIRA (the International Solidarity Friendship Center of Appalachia) is a registered charity whose mission is to support disadvantaged communities in developing countries. The organization recruits Canadians for volunteer work abroad, cooperating offer their labor to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and associations working at the community level. Schools, health centers, orphanages, day care centers, nursing homes, etc are all places where volunteers will lend a hand. CASIRA is on its experience as the first project to emerge was in 1978, and over the years, thousands of Canadian volunteers took part in various aid projects. (CASIRA’s website: