UNIS Hanoi (United Nations International School of Ha Noi) is the first international school established in Viet Nam and one of only two United Nations Schools in the world. It is the original International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in Asia. Based on its values and beliefs, community services are indispensable activities in the UNIS education program.

Diep To Foundation has the honor of being a partner with UNIS to organizethe Service Learning Program 2015-2016 for middle school students (grades 7 and 8). We had a presentation at UNIS one month ago to give students more information about Pu Bin and to suggest what they can do to help local residents. To better prepare for the project, four teachers from UNIS had an inspection trip to Pu Bin on 3rd and 4th of November.

The group of teachers left Hanoi at 08:00 am and after four hours driving, they arrived in the second village of Pu Bin – Na Phat Village. The natural beauty of Pu Bin and the friendliness of people in here made a good impression on them. After being welcomed by the host of Perilla House, named after our founder, they enjoyed lunch with dishes made of Ms.Diep To’s special recipes.

UNIS teacher to Pu Bin

In the afternoon, the UNIS teachers came to visit Pu Bin administration to discuss the project. The meeting was short but closed results. To help the teachers understand more about our project, Ms Diep took them to visit some of the houses on stilts in other villages of Pu Bin (Xa Loong Village and Nang Village). They had great time with conversations with host families and learning more of Thai people’s daily life and culture. The first day of the trip ended with traditional music show performed by young ladies living in the village. Villagers and foreign guests together joined in “Mua Sap” – a popular dance of traditional ethnic people living in the mountainous area of North of Viet Nam.

The second day, they spent most of their time in the morning visiting some schools in Pu Bin, including primary school in Na Lut Village and middle school in Na Phat Village. This was the first time the Pu Bin students had a chance to meet foreign teachers so they were very shy to introduce themselves. It was even more difficult for them to communicate with the UNIS teachers because they do not understand English. Music, however, did the magic and became a bridge to connect everyboby. The school yard was filled with laughter and happiness.

Play with student

After saying good bye to the village and the farmstay hosts, the UNIS teachers travelled back to Ha Noi in the afternoon.

We believed that this trip brought a lot of unforgetable memories to the teachers and let them know more about what Diep To Foundation is trying to do to bring Pu Bin people better life, especially children and women. For the students, the teachers visit was a rare opportunity to meet people of another culture. Once again, thanks for your visiting to Pu Bin, Mrs. Donna Bracewell, Mr. Colin Campbell, Mr. Adam Robinson and Mr. Nguyen Bien Thuy.

A message for UNIS students from Pu Bin students!

Pu Bin students are eager to meet and make friends with all of you. We welcome you to come to Pu Bin oneday!