When we visited the primary school in Na Lut village, we felt extremely touched by the love of the students for us. Already one year has passed since the day we built a classroom for the children who did not have the opportunity to go to school just because of there being insufficient spaces for teaching and their homes are too far from the school center. This classroom is not too big but has brought the opportunity for these students to expand their knowledge. Those innocent, lovely and honest faces who have never communicated with the outside world, felt very shy and embarrassed when we came to them for small talks and made their acquaintance, but right afterwards, they were so excited to play with us and surprisingly many of them started to remember and call our names.

Na Lut school (1)

Na Lut elementary school currently has five classes, of which one new classroom was built by Diep To Foundation with the contribution of the other active individuals. The school includes 5 teachers who are mostly from the town of Mai Chau, an hour and twenty minutes away, has from 2 to 10 years of teaching experience each and 64 students. Through talks with the leader of Na Lut School, we got to know that the students in the school are very studious and rarely absent. The living conditions of these students is very difficult, many families do not have decent clothes for their children and had to receive the funding from other places in Mai Chau district. English and Computing is not included in the curriculum of schools.

Na Lut school (3)

When Na Lut primary school’s teachers were asked what they dream of to upgrade the school, most of them wish to get the support for facilities because compared to the secondary school in Pu Bin, the infrastructure of this school itself is still very poor. Among suggested options, they chose to be equipped with the lockers for the students (Each day, the students have to bring their school supplies in the heavy bags on their small bags to go to school from a long distance), new sets of tables and chairs with sizes matching with children’s height, a small room (library) to read, basic equipment for the school playground (Pu Bin students love sports such as soccer, badminton, table tennis…), warm clothes and shoes for winter. A projector and laptop is needed to aid in the teaching of concepts and ideas beyond the local setting. The teachers especially want to provide their students with the necessary personal skills in life which make them more confident, healthier and more agile so that they can have more opportunities to get a good job in the future. Diep To Foundation wants to enable the visions of these enthusiastic teaches to become true and with our specific plan, we are committed to bringing a better life to the pupils in Pù Bin, in which we poured our love.