We are in need of:


We need Volunteers who are experienced horticulturalists as well as non-experienced individuals and groups who want to help to create a self-sustaining community from organic herb, spice and vegetable cultivation. You love to work with people, plants and care about environmental issues? We welcome to help us in Pu Bin Spice Hills mountainous area! At Pu Bin Spice Hills, you will have opportunity to make a difference through environmental stewardship.

 Gardening volunteers will work together with local people,

teaching and creating self-sustaining herbs, spice and vegetable gardens.

 Our gardener volunteer program is open to everyone with an interest in gardening and a willingness to use your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to make a positive impact on your local community.


Rural mountainous areas have serious shortages of medical facilities as well as nurses and doctors. There are medical volunteer opportunities for all medical skill sets. A particularly underserved population are middle aged women who seem to be lost be forgotten in their specific need related to women’s healthcare including physical and emotional recovery from domestic abuse.

We hope you return annually as one of our returning medical staff volunteers.

 Help in a rural setting by training the local people to take care of themselves as well as giving basic healthcare and guidance for improving their health.


Pù Bin project has been working to install toilets and bathrooms in the community. This is the greatest physically visible symbol that we are making a difference! It more than a convenience. It is core to good health and sanitation and water quality. Our school with nearly 100 children, has no bathroom or toilets. In April of 2016 we hope to complete a community bathroom for the school for the first time ever! We need experienced carpenters, plumbers and assistant workers to build basic bathroom facilities. You could be an individual or a community group whose desire is to support a disadvantaged community in mountainous area with facility construction.

 Join us and become our part of our volunteer staff.

Please follow this link for registration